Matthew Miller, LE

Matthew Miller is an award-winning esthetician with over 12 years of experience and industry knowledge. Clients are invited to experience his treatments at his location in West Hollywood. Appointments can be booked with him today to revitalize the skin and achieve a radiant, healthy complexion.

-Bespoke Facial Treatment-

60min | $185

A customized facial treatment that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. All treatments consist of double cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, extractions (if necessary), high frequency, a replenishing facial mask, and LED therapy.
*As each treatment is tailored to individual client needs, certain modalities may be excluded or adjusted.

-Cold Plasma Facial Treatment-

90min | $285

This personalized treatment is enhanced with advanced exfoliation methods such as dermaplaning. Along with thorough cleansing and extractions, you will benefit from the rejuvenating effects of Cold Plasma. This innovative technology boosts collagen production to firm and tighten the skin, as well as improve brightness and combat acne. Additionally, LED light therapy aids in cellular repair. Ideal for all skin types looking to elevate their facial experience.

-The Sculpt-

75min | $225

The Sculpt is a facial treatment that combines gentle exfoliation, lymphatic drainage massage, gua sha, and microcurrent. This combination helps to reduce puffiness, sculpt, and tone the face for a radiant and lifted appearance. This targeted treatment is great for pre-event or to receive regularly for long term effects.

-4-Layer Peel-

30min | $150

Suitable for most skin types except sensitive, this 30-minute peel provides a rejuvenating experience. The 4-layer treatment incorporates retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and enzymes to gently exfoliate, resulting in tightened, brighter, and beautifully transformed skin. With no downtime required, you can simply glow and go!

-Dermaplaning Treatment-

30min | $150

Dermaplaning is a skincare treatment in which a surgical scalpel is used to delicately exfoliate the outermost layer of skin, eliminating dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. This technique helps unveil smoother, more radiant skin and enhances the absorption of skincare products. In conjunction with dermaplaning, a mask containing nutrient and hydrating ingredients is applied to the skin. This gentle combination effectively eliminates dry, lackluster skin to unveil a more radiant and uniform complexion.

-Back Facial-

45min | $165

The Back Facial treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin on your back. It removes impurities, dead skin cells, and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed. Perfect for those dealing with back breakouts or seeking to revitalize neglected skin on the back.

What to know before treatment:

  • Discontinue the use of exfoliating and/or retinol products 3-5 days before treatment.

  • Kindly inform us of any allergies or sensitivities prior to treatment.

  • Avoid sun exposure.

  • Avoid wearing makeup. Makeup removal can cut into treatment time.

Q & A

Do you incorporate steam in your facials?No, steam is not used in facials. Although steam has its benefits, I believe the potential risks of causing skin inflammation and dryness outweigh the advantages. Instead, I achieve the same results through facial massage and the use of hot towels. My goal is to work in harmony with the skin, rather than against it.
Which facial treatment would you recommend for me to book?If you're uncertain about which facial to choose, I suggest starting with the Bespoke Facial. This personalized treatment is tailored to address your specific skin concerns and is an excellent option for new clients.
Can I safely receive facials during pregnancy?My Bespoke Facial and Dermaplaning treatment are safe options for pregnancy. Please inform us before your appointment.
Are your facials suitable for vegans?My facials are predominantly vegan-friendly, but please note that some of the products used contain honey. However, I can exclude this mask from the treatment upon request. Additionally, none of our products are tested on animals.

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